frequently asked questions

SkillPal is the first micro mentoring marketplace where you can book short, personalized video feedback on your work from A-list experts, live and recorded. Ever wanted to get your song reviewed by a famous music artist or your pitch by an experienced investor? You can now with SkillPal.

For Learners

1. Get personalized reviews and exclusive guidance on improving your work.
2. Direct and guaranteed learning access to hard-to-reach industry leaders.
3. A chance to get your work recognized by top leaders in your industry.
Two types of video advice is usually requested; either in a 1-2 min video recording OR live video session:
1. Q&A: Ask any industry-related question to the Star; how to begin etc.
2. Feedback: Ask for the Star to directly comment/review your work.

For Experts

1. Personal fulfillment in inspiring driven learners, filtered through your set fee
2. Directly monetize your industry expertise.
3. No obligation, complete whichever request, whenever and wherever you prefer.
Yes, you get paid whatever price you set, minus SkillPal’s commission.
Any requests you will receive will be sent directly to your contact email, where you can accept/decline the request.
No, you have full control over which questions you answer.
You are a star in your industry. A leader that has achieved success in your competitive field, meaning many look up to you as a role model. Just imagine what a difference you could play in a learner’s career by providing the simplest of guidance; be the leader of the new wave in your industry.
You will be asked for either industry/career advice based on your personal career experience or give feedback on a learner’s piece work or their views on an industry topic that is relevant to you.
Once your account holds over 2500 Rs, it can be withdrawn without any additional fees to your bank account.
You can also donate your proceeds to a charity of your choice. However, at SkillPal you are charging for your expertise, similar to a student-mentor relationship, where your feedback and advice will have a true, long lasting impact on learners.
You and SkillPal reserve the rights to the video. Learners that request the video are granted licensing rights, with no abilities for mass distribution.
Any renowned personality in their respective field. That is, an individual who has seen success in the industry they belong in (whether it be a celebrity, marketing director or record label audio engineer).
On SkillPal, learners are able to either request a 1-2 minute video advice or a 15-minute live video session with the expert, completely based on your availability.
Still have questions?

Email us at info@skillpal.in. We will be happy to answer all your questions.